Monday, November 18, 2013

My Weekend In Review

Happy Monday! But not so happy for the Huskers who lost this weekend...I'm still upset about it, so we won't talk about it....This weekend is just what I needed, though. Relaxation!  It seems like the first weekend since school started that I haven't had something I've needed to do!

As I mentioned in my Five on Friday post, Nebraska got an outlet mall and I was just crazy enough to venture out in the crowds and I came out with a pair of the Matchstick Skinny jeans from J Crew Factory. Eeek love them!!

Factory Straight and Narrow Jeans

Saturday my family had some people over for dinner and we cooked all greek food! It was so good! We had gyros, stuffed grape leaves, greek potatoes, and a greek salad....and not to mention the best part...homemade baklava! Because I don't have access to a kitchen at school, when I come home, I go crazy in the kitchen cooking and baking!

Sunday consisted of catching up on my Netflix shows.  I finally am caught up on Once Upon a Time.  If you haven't watched it...start.  It's SO good! Is it sad that I feel accomplished when I finish a TV series? (I need a life.) Netflix is dangerous/the best thing in the world.  I've gotten hooked on Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and Once Upon a Time.  What other good shows are out there that I'm missing?? I need to start a new series now!!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well! This is the last full week until I'm home again for Thanksgiving break, soooo here we go!! 

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