Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Look into My Make-Up Bag...

Now, I am in no way a fashion/make-up/style blogger, but I would love to share some of my favorites with y'all!

I've never been one to spend massive amounts of money on make-up but my momma always told me to get a good moisturizer, foundation and concealer.  So, what momma says, goes!

I have super dry skin, especially in the winter, so a powder foundation is a no-go for me.  I used to use bare minerals, which I loved in the summertime when my face wasn't too dry, but it did not help this girl out in the cold months.

I start my routine with laura mercier hydrating foundation primer.  This gives me the extra bit of moisture I need.

Right now I'm using Clinique superbalanced makeup foundation.  I love this! It's not overly expensive, doesn't lay on too heavy but gives awesome coverage.

Probably my favorite product of all time is Erase Paste by benefit.  I'm telling you, this does exactly what it says- covers everything I want covered perfectly. And, I don't use a lot, so it lasts forever and I don't feel like I've literally put a pound of make up on under my eyes.  Loveeee this stuff!

I recently got this bronzer and I am in love and never switching to anything else- it's shimmery and matte at the same time? Is that even possible? This is Sephora aruba shimmer bronzer.

I don't always use blush because I have naturally pink cheeks, but when I do I use bare minerals rose radiance. (Did anyone else just think of that meme? No? Just me?...Ok.) SIDETRACK. It's not too pink and goes on very light.  I'm all about natural looking make-up!

So scratch that- this is actually my favorite and is called Girl Meets Pearl by benefit.  I got this as a sample and am definitely going back to get more when it runs out.  I put this lightly on my cheekbones and on the sides of my forehead over my eyes to give a real dewey, finished look.

The new mascara I just got is Maybelline Rocket Volum.  I'm not sure what I think about it yet. I can never seem to find a mascara I like unless I spend a million dollars.  Any suggestions??

What are some of your favorites??
I'd love to hear and try them out!

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