Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday {Target Edition}

Friday is here! This week I found it so difficult to stay motivated with school work and found myself taking a nap on the daily. Only five more weeks until Christmas break- I can do this!!

{And my encouragement goes out to all my fellow college people who are on the same struggle bus I am on right now!!}

Linking up for Five on Friday!

I went to Target this week (bad idea!) and literally fell in love with everything I saw.  Thank goodness for my ability to refrain from buying anything from what I actually needed that day. 

A classic rain coat that I was obsessed with when I first laid eyes on it.

found here
These glasses are so festive!

found here
Love love this pillow! It would go perfectly in my room. Anything "burlap-like" is a win in my book. 

found here
This scarf looks so cozy! Pretty sure I would wear it everyday!

found here
THIS watch. A simple, but classic boyfriend watch- I love the band and gold color!

found here

Have you guys been bit by the Target bug? I just try to completely stay away..because I'm not so sure if I'll have that much will power to resist buying next time!!


  1. Oh my gosh those glasses are so cute! Totally understand with the Target obsession.. I think anybody who can go in there and spend less than $50 deserves some sort of medal! Also, I saw that you were from Nebraska and just had to say hi!! I'm a former Nebraska girl who just moved to KC this past January! <3

    1. Ahh! It's finally nice to "meet" someone from Nebraska!! Have a great Friday!

  2. aaaaa those glasses! LOVE!!!! eeee! perfection!!
    hope youre having a lovely friday, babe!
    cheers!! ;)

    1. They would be perfect for you!! You are so great! Have a great weekend!