Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Feeling #22 {A Weekend of Celebrations}

What a whirlwind of a week it has been! My heart is so filled with joy and happiness and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I got to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day with some of the greatest people I know.

I was head teacher in the classroom, which went really smoothly.  I found out it was a lot less intimidating than I thought being in complete control of the classroom, it was actually a lot of fun! And what better week to start head teaching than the week of my birthday and Valentine's day!  On my birthday, I handed out mini cupcakes to my kids and when they heard they were getting a special treat because it was my birthday, their eyes lit up in awe, like it was crazy to them that someone else was allowed to have birthdays, too! They proceeded to sing me happy birthday and the mini celebration ended with lots of hugs!

I also received a special delivery on my birthday from the greatest guy in my life.  The boyfriend had night class on my birthday and since I was student teaching all day we weren't able to see each other.  He thought these were an "okay substitute"- just okay?! I just about screamed with excitement when I saw these babies were for me at the front door! BEAUTIFUL.

Birthday dinner was spent with some of my closest friends with fun drinks and sushi.

On Saturday, I went back home and celebrated my birthday with my family and we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Pina Coladas and chips and salsa.  I literally could drink and eat those alllllll day.

My birthday celebrations were so wonderful! Can we keep celebrating?


  1. Happy late birthday! We both turned 22! How exciting, I love your teaching posts I cant wait to start my student teaching!!

    -Vivian @

    1. Thanks girl! I hope to put up some more teaching posts this semester! **fingers crossed!!**
      Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Sushi and Mexican... Two of my favorites!! Happy belated birthday!!

    1. Seriously though. It was a great food weekend thats for sure! :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday !!!

    It always a good one when Friends, Flowers, drinks and sushi are involved!

    Happy to be your newest follower

    1. Thanks girl! It was a great birthday! I'm so glad you found my blog and are following along! Enjoy the rest of your week!! :)