Friday, March 14, 2014

Five On Friday: Life Lately

Have I really not blogged for a month?? Yikes! Remember on an earlier post I said school should be slowing down, so I should have time to blog.  Yeah, good joke, Katie, good joke.  On the upside, only one more week until MUCH NEEDED spring break! One week and counting......

I'd thought I'd update y'all on my life because it's painfully obvious I haven't been doing the best job at that.  Here to link up with the gals who host Five on Friday!

Preschool student teaching has been such a blessing to my life.  The days where I'm really not feeling up for school, which happens most days I'll be honest-- senior-itis coming in strong-- then I see the precious babes and I totally change my mind! Having the kids come running up to me as soon as I walk in the door, needing "teacher Katie" hugs because waking up from nap is hard, or having them tell me exciting things happening to them in their life make all the other "stuff" completely worth it! These little ones are 3 going on 30, I'm telling you!

Kappa Delta hosts an annual philanthropy, sending funds to Prevent Child Abuse American and a local organization in my college town.  Being a senior, it's my "lasts" of everything in college, including last philanthropy!

Baseball season is here! Which is a sign of spring, which makes me very happy. I need the sun and warm weather!!

The fam and I are looking for places to go on a vacation this summer.  We're thinking somewhere warm on a beach (or at least I am ;)) Some ideas that have been thrown around: Florida, Gulf Coast, Bahamas.  Any recommendations?? Any places that you all have been to that I should visit???

Okay- have you all seen this video??? Embarrassingly enough, I'm going to be one of these parents.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. LOVE that video, I'm going to be that mom. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!