Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cheers To A New Year! {A Link-Up}

Hello love bugs!

Today I'm linking up again with Lauren from Peach State of Mind to recap my favorite moments from April, May, and June!

 I went to Kappa Delta's spring formal with some of my best friends and we also had our spring philanthropy event.  Kappa Delta donates money to Prevent Child Abuse America and part of that money we donate goes to a local organization where mothers and children who have been can receive care and the things they need. 

Sorry for the massive upload of pictures, but this trip to Belize just had too many to choose from! This trip was AMAZING, so say the least.  My dad, brother, and I went to the rainforest in Belize for the first half of our trip and then headed over to San Pedro Island and stayed along the ocean at a resort (my personal fav spot!) The people in Belize are some of the nicest people and welcomed us with open arms! We ate a lot of great food, went zip-lining in the middle of the rainforest, went hiking in caves, saw mayan ruins, and relaxed with drinks by the pool! Gahh take me back!!

 In May my mom retired from 33 years of teaching high school family consumer science (go, Mom!) I threw her a retirement party with all of her closest friends.  It was my first time hosting a big party like that and let me tell you what..that is some hard work, people!! But it was well worth it :) Also in June I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures for my friend! Sweet, sweet couple.  

Can't wait to hop on over to other blogs to see your highlights for these months! 


  1. I am so glad you linked up! My fiance's step dad is President over the Central America part of his company and he goes to Belize all the time. He mentioned it for a honeymoon spot but he said he never really gets to enjoy the beaches side. I need your opinion if it should be on our list!

    1. Yes I would definitely look into it if I were you! We stayed at CocoBeach Resort in San Pedro on Amergris Caye Island. San Pedro isn't that big so you can get anywhere on the island just by renting a golf cart and driving around. Lots of fun shops and restaurants in San Pedro, but it would be just as great staying on the resort grounds the whole time! Let me know if you would like more information :)

  2. It looks like you had a blast in's been on the bucket list for a while! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Those engagement pictures... stunning!!