Sunday, December 29, 2013

Better Late Than Never {Christmas Recap}

I hope everyone's Christmases were wonderful and lots of time was spent with precious family and friends! 

Ours here in Nebraska was great.  We didn't have a white Christmas, but with 50 degree weather in December, you really can't complain much.  On Christmas Eve my family went to our candlelight church service and then we saw Frozen (my second time seeing it...and probably not the last).  If y'all haven't seen it yet you need to go! I even heard my brother chuckle a few times, so you know it has to be good.  

Christmas day was a relaxing day for my family, as much of the out-of-state ones couldn't visit this year so it was not a big family gathering but still special.  My new baby this year is a telephoto lens for my DSLR- it's so beautiful! We then finished the day with a 1,000 piece puzzle and ate like Kings.  (Steak and crab legs, people. YUM.) 

The baby brother and I

Now that the Christmas season is over, life has slowed down a bit.  But I'm sad that there's no more Christmas music on the radio or Christmas movies on TV.  Sad day. Only 362(ish) days (give or take) until they're on TV or the radio again!!

What are y'all's plans for New Years???



  1. What a lovely Christmas, my dearie! YOU are oh so lovely!!!!
    Merry, merry!!! xx