Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday {October Favorites}

It's November and I can't even believe it!! This month has just flown by.  During the month of November I will be doing an Instagram challenge of #30thankfuldays with Courtney from Click it Up A Notch! I'm excited to capture simple moments and be intentional about what I'm thankful for using pictures! So, feel free to add me on Instagram (@kaytee200) and follow along :)

Linking up for Five on Friday! This week I'm going back to October and sharing my five favorite moments from this month!

Halloween night was so great! I went out with the Kappa Delta seniors- what a great night!

Pumpkin carving :) So thankful I have the best friend to dig all the pumpkin "guts" out for me. Yuck!!

Bonfires! There's nothing like some good marshmallow roasting, laughing with friends, and singing songs around the fire!

I tutor a first grader and one of her sessions just happened to be on Halloween night.  Bless her little heart for still coming! So, I thought I'd get her a little something to make her Halloween night a little better.  I loved seeing her face light up when she saw what I got for her. Warm fuzzies!!

I have spent a lot of great moments with my family this past month and am so grateful for them! I treasure those moments I get to spend with them!!

Can't wait to see what great moments the month of November has in store for me! 


  1. Love your mason jar and firefly pumpkin! Great idea and it turned out so cute!

  2. You looked so adorable for Halloween! And your pumpkin is just perfect! Have a blessed November, friend! xo

    1. Thank you!! Hoping November treats you well :)

  3. You've been having so much fall fun! love the pics!

  4. October seemed like such a great month for you, especially this last week!! Praying November brings so many more moments for precious memories, family time and so much thankfulness!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet! :)