Friday, August 9, 2013

I am so excited to say that this is my first link-up and I thought this would be the perfect one to start with because I always have so many random things I love running through my mind!

             I have been going through a rough time personally and I've been wondering where my future is headed and what God's plan for me is.  This verse sums it up perfectly.  He is not finished with me and has a great future planned for me.  It is so encouraging!  I'm keeping my faith and hope in Him! 

            Okay- so I've been LOVING to go thrift shopping.  Because I will have a classroom of my own soon I'm stocking up now- but I've bought everything I have from a thrift shop.  Here's a look at my last group of finds.  JACKPOT!

             These puppies are seriously melting my heart! I want to cuddle all of them. Right now. 

Picture found here

             I went to Belize at the beginning of the summer and am SO missing it right now.  Nebraska has been unusually cold and cloudy- especially for July.  I could go for some warm and sunny weather right about now. Coco Beach Resort was PARADISE! I highly recommend visiting.

          This past weekend I spent a couple days at one of my Kappa Delta sister's lake house in Iowa.  It was exactly what I needed- a nice relaxing day on the water away forgetting about my rough time.  I am so grateful for the beautiful friendships I have made through Kappa Delta.  My sisters are so supportive and show so much love.  I am so blessed!

      I hope you all enjoy your friday! What have been some of your favorites from this week?


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  1. You really did hit the jackpot with all of that awesome classroom decor, nicely done! :)