Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday {Linked Up} All About Fall

I don't know about you all, but I CAN'T WAIT for fall to come.  There's been a massive heat wave in Nebraska with temperatures in the triple digits.  After this week I am ready for colder weather, sweatshirts, and bonfires.  The fall season makes me so giddy because of how beautiful everything looks! The leaves are colorful and crunchy and the air is crisp. Ahh perfection.  So, with the 5 on Friday link up today, it's all about fall, y'all!

-ONE-  With fall comes the greatest sports season- football! Game day is just around the corner- and you can bet I'll be there! I'm a student so I had to buy student tickets, but reminiscing to the before college days, I can remember having the game on the radio while my family did usual Saturday things.  Hearing the announcers, the static of the AM radio, and the crowd cheering through the speakers when my Huskers scored a touch down will forever be remembered.

-TWO- This is so beautiful! The leaves and table make me want to just sit and drink hot apple cider. (Is it bad that I'm literally picturing myself curled up in that chair?) 

Picture found via Pinterest

-THREE-  The newest Southern Living subscription came in the mail the other day.  I haven't had time to read it yet because of school (boo!) but it will be read and recipes will be made!

-FOUR-  YUM, okay this looks so good!  I will definitely be making this Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Caramel Popcorn.  Anything with pumpkin spice, chocolate, or caramel I'm all about. 


-FIVE-  What is it about fall and bonfires? They are seriously my favorite thing to have during the fall season.  Growing up, I've always had a bonfire pit to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows and enjoy good company of friends and family.  Someone in my friend group would bring their guitar and all of us would sing around the fire.  There is nothing better.    

Picture found via Pinterest
As you can tell, I may be slightly obsessed with fall and all that goes with it.  Come on cool weather!!




  1. I have to laugh that you get Southern Living in the mail and live in Nebraska! I also can't wait for Fall and am seriously considering breaking out my boots this weekend even though its still 95 degrees here in SC!

    1. I recently visited the south and fell in love with it so I had to order the magazine! :) I can't wait to wear my boots again! Hopefully you get some cooler weather and can start wearing yours!