Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Has Arrived!

I'm telling you what- this week has been crazy! It's homecoming week at the University of Nebraska, so helping to make the float has kinda trumped doing homework (oops!) Just kidding, but really professors, must you give so much homework the week of homecoming?? Also, a side note, I started watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix over the weekend and I am ADDICTED. Such a bad idea considering I don't have time to watch it during week, yet I watch it anyway.

Aside from all the crazies-- OCTOBER HAS ARRIVED!

via Pinterest

It's finally my favorite month!  (Is that weird that people have favorite month?) The leaves have been changing colors, candy corn is in full stock at the grocery store, and in the morning hours I can wear a sweatshirt and not drip of sweat.  The first day of October has been glorious.  I found this little bucket list via Pinterest and I really want to see if I can stick to it this fall and accomplish the things on this list- we'll see how this goes!

I hope everyone else's first day of October was great as well! Halfway to the weekend! Feel free to follow my Fall Pinterest board here where I pin way too much on the season I'm most obsessed about!

What do you love to do this time of year?

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