Monday, July 29, 2013

About Me!

Hello! I’m so glad you decided to make a stop by Midwestern Charm.  I’m just a 20-something Nebraska girl who is soon to graduate and become an Elementary teacher.  I’m excited to share recipes, DIY projects, and my latest fashion obsessions.  I thought it would be fun to have you all get to know me just a bit better by telling 10 facts about me. Well, here we go!

1- I’m entering into my senior year of college for Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  I am SO excited to get into the teaching world and have a classroom of my own.  It’s my dream to teach 1st grade!
2- As I’m growing older, I am realizing more and more how important family is to me.  I love learning about my family’s history.
3- I someday hope to have a photography business (on the side of teaching, of course!) I have just started taking portraits of friends for practice..There’s so much to learn!!!
4- I believe prayer is so powerful and the Lord has a plan for us all.  I’m patient in prayer wondering what he has in store for me.
5- I am a HUGE country music lover.  Seriously, name a song and I bet I can sing it to you.
6- …And speaking of which, I love to sing…and play guitar…and write my own music.  Music has such a way of speaking directly to my heart.  Life would be so sad without music!
7-Okay, so a random one but I hardly ever go past what the expiration date on food says.  It may sound wasteful but if the date has passed I’m tossing it!
8- So... I bleed Husker red…need I say more?
9- I love to decorate.  I don’t have a place of my own yet, but I just re-decorated my room and I am so proud of all my work! (I’ll show pictures in a post soon!)
10- I have recently taken up a love for yoga and let me tell you..I’m not very good yet.  But, I’m determined to get better!

I’m excited to get this blog a’rollin’! Enjoy!

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