Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: Bests of Christmas Break

Oh how I look forward and countdown to the breaks in school and then how quickly they are over.  Only a few more days until I'm back to school and officially starting my first semester of student teaching (wish me luck!!)
Linking up with the gals who host Five on Friday to share the "bests" of Christmas break.

Spending time with my family, especially the few days I got to spend with my baby brother were the best.  Also, seeing Frozen on Christmas Eve (for the second time, might I add) was definitely a highlight of break.

Seeing my friend I hardly ever get to see because of going to different schools makes my heart happy. A good friend, good wine, and the Great Gatsby is how we spent a Christmas break night.

There were many quiet nights cuddled up in a blanket for me over break, which is exactly what I needed.  This is what break is all about, am I right??

Also, how cute is this penguin candle?? I'm obsessed.

I was able to drive up to my college town and visit friends I've been missing so much over the few weeks home from school.  Just made me want to be with them even more!

I had student teaching orientation to prepare me for my first semester of student teaching on Monday! It was pretty overwhelming to say the least, but I know I'll learn and take away so much from this experience.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm living up my last few days of break by sleeping in and watching endless amounts of movies on Netflix! :)


  1. You are precious!! All these photos make me want it to be Christmas time again, what a sweet time of the year! Good luck with your first semester of student teaching, I am sure you'll do so well! Happy weekend girl.

  2. good luck starting your first semester of student teaching!!!

  3. There's absolutely nothing better than catching up with friends. I hope the start of your student teaching goes well! And have a lovely weekend!